18 wedding hashtag ideas

18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

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Since this post was live, I ended up starting a full-on wedding blog called, “The Internet’s Maid of Honor.” You can find hashtag help and WAY more here!
I’m a social media professional, blogger and twenty-something, you better believe I’m going to encourage you to make a wedding hashtag and then plaster it everywhere! I had a hard time finding all the info I wanted about wedding hashtags in one place, so I made this complete little guide for you.I have everything from how to make up your own, to different ways you can showcase it throughout your reception and ceremony.

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P.S. I shared our wedding hashtag somewhere in here, so see if you can find it 😉
P.S.S. I recently put together a full guide for brides-to-be, so check that out here when you’re done with this post.
1. Use a wedding hashtag generator: This is the first step to creating a wedding hashtag. Even if you’re creative, it can be sooo difficult to think of hashtag that’s unique, interesting and hasn’t been used before. One really great tool, I was shared is the Wedding Paper Divas’ Wedding Hashtag Generator. You input some of your info (names, nicknames and the wedding date) and it spits out about 50 different ideas. From there it lets you try your hashtag and see how many other people are using it.
Be careful not to use one that seems popular at the moment, because then it will be very annoying to sift through the images and find the ones that belong to you. I wouldn’t worry to much if it’s ever been used before, just as long as there most likely won’t be 10+ couples getting married with it.
Even if you don’t end up using the hashtags created with Wedding Paper Diva’s Wedding Hashtag Generator, it is certainly a great tool to begin brainstorming with.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things
2. Use classic phrases: These are the one’s that everyone uses, but are classic and cute still. Personally, I prefer the one’s with alliteration (i.e. #BecomingTheBenners) or rhymes (#ChoosSayIdo). Also, try to make sure your fiance doesn’t puke thinking about the cheesiness of his or her own wedding hashtag…

  • #SoonToBeTheSmiths
  • #EuleWedding
  • #JacksonPartyOf2
  • #ToastTheThompsons
  • #BecomingTheBenners
  • #MurraysSayIdo
  • More ideas here


18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Pinterest

3. Use puns: These are my favorites, but are easily the most difficult ones to come up with. You can use songs or common phrases to create something uniquely yours that will make your attendees chuckle.

  • #NoMooreFishInTheSea
  • #ThisIsHowellDoIt
  • #MatzMadeInHeaven
  • #OnceUponATims
  • #ToHaveAndToHolman
  • #KhantGetEnough
  • #SayYesToTheKress
  • #OneHaleOfaWedding
  • More ideas here


4. Use the location: This is a tool you an use if you’re having a destination wedding or there is a city/country/place that means something to you both as a couple (i.e. where you met or where you went to school).

  • #AliAndSamTakeNYC
  • #LauBeachBash
  • #BakersInTheBarn
  • #BunkinWithShanklin
  • #KleinFiesta
  • #HitchedInHouston
  • #RevelsOnTheRiver


18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Borrowed & Blue– Photo by Erin Turner Photo

5. Use your relationship: As I lover of personal touches in weddings, I wanted to use a hashtag that was cute and complimentary to our relationship. Since we met, fell in love, worked and go married at our summer camp, I chose #CoCounselorsForLife. I actually think hubby made it up!
If you don’t have something quite that specific, you can use things like your couple name,  your history, how you met, how long you’ve been together up until the wedding (#xdays is super cute for couples that have been together for a long time), unique characteristics (aka things you’re known for as a couple) and so much more. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Green Wedding Shoes– Photo by Mary Costa Photography

6. Put it on signs: Signs can be purchased (i.e. on Etsy), made by hand or created on your computer and put in a frame.  This doesn’t have to be a big or expensive part of your day. A lot of people will just want to reference it and will look for a hashtag to use, but as long as it’s available somewhere you should be fine!

  • Welcome to Wedding
  • Near guestbook
  • On a program sign
  • Make it its own sign (like all the others above)


18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on My Wedding- Photos by Heather Brulez Photography

18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things
7. Put it on a drink sticks: I just saw this on Pinterest and fell in love! Laser cut hashtag drink sticks make a great addition to your bar. Here is a store on Etsy that sells personalized ones. This may not work for really long hashtags, so just be aware when you’re creating one to keep it short and sweet if this is something that interests you.

8. Put it on your selfie station sign: I love the idea of encouraging your guests to take their own photos and to document their view of the day. I’ve seen a few of these “selfie stations” on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. They’re essentially an inexpensive photo booth. All you have to do is make a sign that shows what to do (and include your wedding hashtag) and then put 3 or 4 selfie sticks around it.
I bet this station only gets more and more hilarious and useful as the night (and the drinking) goes on.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Etsy- sign by Hands in the Attic

9. Put it on your photo booth (or props): If you have a full-on photobooth, I think a custom laser cut hashtag is a really fun prop. If it’s expensive (I couldn’t find a specific one on Etsy, but my guess is they’re around $80 based on size), it can be the only prop… Your guests will love to pose and post with the wedding hashtag.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Pinterest

10. Get a cut-out of it for the cake: Another way of making your wedding hashtag look classy and beautiful is to use it as a cake topper. It can be laser cut or a bunting topper or really whatever you can find that fits your day. 

18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Pinterest

11. Put it on your wedding favors: If you’re giving out wedding favors, this is a super simple way to distribute the hashtag. Most of the time your favors with have a little tag or are personalized in some way… I would just add the hashtag to the bottom of it. This way they can always be reminded of your wedding and will know just where to find the photos if they want to look back.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Found on Etsy- Made by SipHipHooray

12. Put it on your napkins: I wouldn’t suggest this for the dinner table, but drink napkins with your hashtag is a great idea. Your bartender will be giving your guests a reminder to post with every drink (if your guests are anything like ours were… that’s a lot of reminders).
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Brooklyn Living– Photo by Sasithon Photography

13. Put it on your paper goods: There are Save the Dates, invites, programs, menus, and more that are all prime canvases for a beautiful display of your hashtag.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo and invite from Wedding Paper Divas

14. Include it in your custom SnapChat geofilter: I did a whole post on wedding geofilters here (including a place that gives my readers a special discount), because I think they’re a must-have nowadays. I don’t see why your hashtag couldn’t be included here either- especially if it’s unique and personal to you guys.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo from and made by AnchorsAmpersands

15. Put it on balloons: This is so hipster, and I’m so into it. I have been loving these big letter balloons for the last couple of years, and why not have them up and displaying your wedding hashtag?! They make a great statement in your reception or even as the backdrop of your ceremony. Again, this is a short and sweet hashtag… unless you have a REALLY long wall you want to fill. 

18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on and by Anna Lee Media

the ultimate guide for brides to be | Kayla's Five Things
16. Put it on temporary tattoos: This is an idea for both exclusively the bridal party (to put on as they get ready or right after the ceremony together) or as a wedding favor to your guests. I think every adult can appreciate the comedy of waking up with a temporary tattoo the day after a wedding.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Photo found on Etsy- tattoo made by LoveAndLion

17. Take some wedding photos with them: I think this is only cool if your wedding hashtag is personal and means something, but it’s definitely an idea to share with your photographer.
18 wedding hashtag ideas | Kayla's Five Things

Found on Google

18. Share the feed of photos on your wedding website: Don’t let all this hard work of getting people to use your hashtag go to waste! Use a widget to connect the images using your wedding hashtag to your website. That way people can reminisce about the big day afterwards.



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  4. Wo many great ideas! Check out HashtagPartyApp for an awesome tool to make your wedding hashtags even more fun! Stream all the pics on your hashtag insta feed live at your wedding!

  5. Hello! I’m trying to think of a punny hashtag for my upcoming wedding. My name is Taylor and my fiance’s name is Hunter. Out last name will be Maze, and I’m trying to incorporate it into something like aMAZEing but nothing seems to look right. Any opinions or ideas would be appreciated, thank you!

    • Hi, Taylor. Feel free to email me (info@kaylasfivethings.com) with all of this, and I will work on that this weekend! Thank you <3

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