5 decorations for a palm springs’ pool party

5 deocrations for a palm springs' pool party | Kayla's Five Things

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Instagram is dangerous. It’s my favorite social media by far, but it also is the social media platform that I am most influenced by. I end up wanting to wear certain trends or see certain places or eat certain rainbow bagels just because I see them there. This is how I fell in love with Palm Springs.
As a forever eastern US citizen, California has always been on my “wanderlust” list. Palm Springs and its fabulous multi-colored hotels and clear blue pools is currently at the top of my west coast sights list.
I may not be able to get there this summer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend… I’ve been seeing a lot about Palm Springs’ parties and weddings that have me convinced the next party I throw must be a Palm Springs’ pool party.
I used six websites to curate this little list of inspiration and the must-have decorations you’ll need to host your own pool party.  Here is the the list of my sources, but each photo is individually linked for your convenience. You’re going to want to go to their sites for the full look (especially the last link if you have kiddies):


All photos were found on Pinterest or the above listed links.
1. Anything in these colors: light pink, baby blue, yellow and forest green: My quintessential Palm Springs inspiration for colors is the Saguaro Hotel (see photo here). It’s all about bright colors, but also seems to focus on pink and orange and yellow (much like the Cinco De Mayo post earlier this month). Light blue is my way to differentiate it from the Mexican fiesta color scheme. Also, in this case, I prefer the pastel versions of each color. 


2. Golden accents: I’m always pushing for golden accents, but there’s something about the gold with the bright colors and greenery that just goes together flawlessly. It also adds a touch of sophistication to the juvenile color palette we’re using.



3. Flamingos: From pool floats (PROBABLY OVER $30 BUT STILL NECESSARY) to straws to the very catchy “let’s flamingle” sign… these pretty pink birds should be everywhere. They’re fun, festive and will just look real good on your Instagram feed.


5 deocrations for a palm springs' pool party | Kayla's Five Things




4.  Pineapples: You can buy the metal gold ones or use fresh, real pineapples (don’t buy too early!) to again add that festive touch. Pineapples are everywhere right now so these shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Also, when thinking about your drink menu, pineapple juice should definitely be an ingredient for one cocktail.




5. Greenery, specifically palms & cacti: If I have to explain why palms are good for a Palm Springs’ party then you probably shouldn’t throw this party. Hehe. I love the idea of using fake palms to decorate the table (whether you just serve platters of food or have a sit down meal). I also love the cacti additions in painted pots. Dip dye your pots half pink and half blue for a trendy-cute bonus.



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  1. Thinking to use this same theme for my baby shower “Aloha Lola!”

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