5 half-up-half-down buns

5 half-up-half-down buns | Kayla's Five Things

I was skeptical at first, but these five photos are making me a believer of the half-up-half-down buns. In fact, they’re making me want to live in them permanently. I mean these women look extremely cool and have that perfectly disheveled look that only comes from trying to hard to not try that hard. If you can’t see that from looking at these photos, let me give you three more things they havegoing for them:

a. they take no time to do

b. they work well with dirty hair

c. they look badass

These reasons, okay, mainly “C,” made me jump onboard.  There are several different ways to style and shape your hair. My tip for that is to really figure out what works best with the texture of your hair as well as the size of your face. If you have thin hair and a wide fcae (ugh that’s me), you can’t do a tiny little bun or your head shape will look even less proportionate. I’d have to do a looser, larger bun and would probably add some waves and texture rather than straighten. * In fact, I did end up chopping off my hair and putting it into my own half-bun… check it out here.*  

All these other awesome ladies are not me and were found on Pinterest and hang out with the rest of the beautiful ladies with perfect hair that I creepily collect on this Pinterest board.


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  1. Very cute! I like seeing some of the hair down with this style.

  2. I love doing the half up-half down look when my hair is completely in it’s “natural state” and I don’t feel like breaking out the flat iron. I’ve never done it with a bun. Recently I noticed a lot of girls were making the ponytail really really high up on their heads so their hair looks like a waterfall of luscious volume. I want to try this way though.

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