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Hey, I’m Kayla. 

I’m just a twenty-something, fashion-obsessed girl that has always wanted a chance to write and create in a space that’s all hers. That’s pretty much everyone here in my New York City home, but whatever. I’m different, okay?!? 😉 So follow this blog if you want to hear me ramble and watch me post about beautiful things I fall in love with.

Just FYI, I’m always down to collaborate, so if you’re interested in chatting or working together in some way, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at info@kaylasfivethings.com!




  1. Hey there,

    Just wanted to reach out. I found your Custom Snapchat Filter story on Google and it’s fantastic -> http://www.kaylasfivethings.com/5-wedding-snapchat-geofilters/

    I actually made an infographic on the process which I though might be helpful to your audience. I’ve also designed 5 free custom Snapchat filters for weddings that again might add a ton of value to your audience, maybe you could bundle it with the free one you designed and gave away?

    Anyways, let me know if you’d be interested in sharing these resources! Happy to help in any way I can.

    Infographic -> https://snapmywedding.com/how-it-works/
    Free filters -> https://snapmywedding.com/free-snapchat-filters/

    • Hi Steven! Thanks for sharing this is a great resource. I’d love to share them on my Facebook. Let me know if you have a Facebook page and I will tag you in that post as well.

  2. HI Kayla- I just noticed today that your blog turned up our my list of traffic drivers to our etsy shop. I always appreciate our photos & products being featured on blogs & yours is beautiful. So I was super excited to see one of my designs there 🙂 The midnight snack favor bag that is a part of your “5 wedding favors guests actually want” post photo is credited to Brides magazine & ultimately does list our shop name, but doesn’t provide an active link to us. I’m hoping you would allow me to provide you a much prettier picture of that favor bag & alter the credit directly to us? Here is the listing, you’d be welcome to use any of the photos there if you like. Thanks for your consideration in the matter!
    Carrie, owner/designer at Details

    • Hi Carrie, thank you so much for reaching out and correcting that. I will change it on the post right now <3

  3. Hi Kayla!

    HELP!!!! I’m in desperate need of help when it comes to creating a wedding hashtag. I was hoping for a direct link to your email but this is all I could find (sorry). Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! I left my email address in the box below this comment box.


  4. Hi!

    I would greatly appreciate your help in creating a wedding hashtag, but this was the only section I could locate to contact you!

    Thank you,

    Allison P.

    • Hi Allison,

      Thanks for commenting <3 Feel free to shoot me an email at info@kaylafive things.com.


  5. Can you help me with a hashtag for Martin? My name is Gabby Anthony and his name is Adam Martin. We are getting married June 23 2018 in Berlin MD! Help!!

  6. Hi Kayla, I just saw that you featured my Mint to Be invitation from my Pretty Printables Ink shop on Etsy on your 29 bridal shower themes blog post, and I just wanted to say thanks so much! If you ever want to collaborate in the future (giveaways, coupon codes for your readers, etc.) please let me know! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

    • Thank you thank you, Erin! <33 There's an email in your inbox for more on this!

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