75 wedding registry ideas

75 wedding registry ideas | Kayla's Five Things

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Joining your lives together is cool and all, but the best part of getting married is obviously creating your wedding registry. I don’t think there’s really anything like this bliss you feel when your handed a scanner and told to go to town.
As you can see, it’s very easy to get carried away, s0 I would make sure you both have made a list in advance of stepping foot into whatever store you’re planning on registering to. That list will ensure that you get the must-haves (i.e. silverware and bedding) before you get to the fun stuff. Likely, not everything on your registry will be purchased, so don’t want to have so many fun options that everyone chooses those and you’re left without the necessities. 

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I’ll do a full post on how to know how many things to register for and what prices to pick, but for now: make sure you choose different products in all different price ranges and offer the opportunity to purchase gift cards to that store, in case your guest doesn’t get to purchasing until all the appropriate price range items are gone.

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75 wedding registry ideas | Kayla's Five Things

75 wedding registry ideas | Kayla's Five Things

75 wedding registry ideas | Kayla's Five Things

The Kitchen 

  1. Silverware
  2. Plates
  3. Knives
  4. Pots and pans
  5. Drinkware set
  6. Linens
  7. Tupperware
  8. Measuring spoons
  9. Blender
  10. Mixer
  11. Coffee maker (I wrote a post on mine here)
  12. Coffee mugs
  13. Salt & pepper shakers
  14. Serving utensils
  15. Toaster
  16. Microwave
  17. Cookbooks
  18. Cutting board
  19. Thermometer
  20. Tablecloth
  21. Oven mitts
  22. Spice rack
  23. Rolling pin
  24. Tea kettle

The Bar

  1. Bar cart
  2. Wine glasses
  3. Beer mugs
  4. Whiskey glasses
  5. Bar tools set
  6. Coasters
  7. Wine opener
  8. Cocktail shaker
  9. Wine rack
  10. Pitcher

The Living Room

  1. Coffee table
  2. Area rug
  3. Shelves

The Bedroom

  1. Sheets
  2. Comforter
  3. Lamps
  4. Ring holder
  5. Pillows
  6. Pillow cases
  7. Mattress pad
  8. Hangers
  9. Throw blanket
  10. Throw pillows
  11. Mirror
  12. Night stands

The Bathroom

  1. Shower curtain
  2. Shower liner
  3. Bath towels
  4. Trash can
  5. Tooth brush holder
  6. Soap dispenser

The Laundry Room

  1. Iron
  2. Ironing board
  3. Plastic bins
  4. Laundry basket
  5. Vacuum
  6. Broom
  7. Mop

The Fun Stuff

  1. Record player
  2. Polaroid camera
  3. GoPro
  4. Board games
  5. Picture frames
  6. Luggage
  7. Vase
  8. Hammock
  9. Cooler
  10. Candles
  11. Grill
  12. Tool box
  13. Fairy lights