Bachelorette Weekend Packing Guide

Bachelorette Weekend Packing Guide | Kayla's Five Things

Alright ya’ll, let’s get real… bachelorette parties are the entire reason we all get married and agree to be bridesmaids. They’re some of the most memorable (or least memorable depending on your margarita intake) weekends ever. That endless fun seems to actually make it more difficult to pack for, so I’ve got a full bachelorette weekend packing guide ready for you.
I know there are several different places you can go and that not all bachelorettes are a whole weekend long, but I think warm weather and weekend vacays seem to be very popular right now. Everyone’s headed down south or to the beach, because that’s an easy place for a bunch of gals to a) drink and b) make stupid decisions.
For that reason, and because I’m selfishly planning in part for my own upcoming bachelorette parties, this bachelorette weekend packing guide is built around warm weather and for four days and four nights. Honestly, even if you’re only going for three nights, I’d still pack this much just to be safe.

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Often, it can be difficult to decide what to bring, so I made sure to include at least one of each of theses outfit types:

  • casual day
  • casual night
  • fancy day
  • fancy night
  • swimwear
  • pajamas

If you pack similarly to the way I suggested, you can mix and match and make one piece go from casual to fancy and vice versa in case you end up doing one type of outing more frequently than another. 
My newsletter from this week forward will have a printable checklist with EVERYTHING you need to pack (beauty, vanities, etc.) are all included as well. Just follow, print and you’re all set. 

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Bachelorette Weekend Packing Guide | Kayla's Five Things