My Official NYC Apartment Tour

My Official NYC Apartment Tour | Kayla's Five Things

Okay, I swear this is probably the last Christmas-y thing you’ll have to see from me. It’s honestly not focused on Christmas, but I just happened to have the time right before Christmas to shoot it and am just now able to edit our NYC apartment tour.
I’ve decided to try and do a few more YouTube videos in 2018. Not a lot, but maybe two a month to keep things nice and spicy for you all and help you better get to know my goofy self. This first video is an EXTENDED look at our last apartment in Manhattan. I literally peak inside the cabinets for you and show you where I store my tampons…
TMI? Probably, but honestly I kind of wanted this for myself. I thought it would be cool to be able to look back with hubs and be transported back to our first apartment/home together. This tiny place served us so well, and our memories in here are ones I’ll always treasure, from the moment he carried me across “the threshold” to when his family helped us pivot our couch down the stairs into our Uhaul last week.
I felt we made the best out of what little square footage we had, and by NYC standards this apartment was a steal. We lucked out and never forgot that… well, we may have forgotten that the TWO times it rained indoors, but that’s a story for another day.
Enjoy creepin’ on my home, and please excuse my terrible editing and filming. I will hopefully get better…

Check out the YouTube Video Here:





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