5 spring layering basics

5 spring layering basics | Kayla's Five Things

I love basics. From t-shirts to denim, I could live with a super-subtle-and-completly-void-0f-statements wardrobe. I have always loved finding ways to re-wear these pieces and to recycle them year after year. The best way… actually the only way… to get… Continue Reading

5 affordable wedding dress brands

5 affordable wedding dress brands | Kayla's Five Things

“Affordable wedding dress brands” only exists if you let the term “affordable” mean under $2,000. I don’t want to beat around the bush and pretend I know exactly where you can find gorgeous gowns for under $200. I’m 100% positive they exist, BUT I think that… Continue Reading

5 tips for the perfect gallery wall

I didn’t necessarily fall in love with our apartment because it had prime gallery wall real estate, but I must say it really contributed to the appeal. When you’ve had like 5 million photos taken of you in the last year and you’re… Continue Reading