5 Gifts She Actually Wants for Valentine’s Day

5 valentine's day gifts she actually wants | Kayla's Five Things

Dear Boys/ Men/ Boyz II Men, I know Valentine’s Day shopping for your significant other is difficult. I know that this seems like a worthless holiday that you think should revolve around lingerie, but actually revolves around you emptying your wallet… Continue Reading

5 holiday gift guides

5 holiday gift guides | Kayla's Five Things

I know I talked a lot about getting gifts in my last post, so today I’m making up for it by talking about giving. See?!  I am a decent person!  There is nothing more satisfying then finding a gift that you… Continue Reading

5 things to add to your christmas list

5 things to add to your christmas list

Besides the obvious best parts of Christmas (I’m talkin’ about Jesus, family time and giving), I’d have to say making a Christmas list is next. That probably sounds really materialistic. Actually, it is really materialistic, but you like it too so… Continue Reading