5 wedding color palettes for every season

For my final post of #K5Tweddingweek, I wanted to talk about the next step of planning your wedding: and that’s the wedding color palette. That will also be the most popular question you get asked about your wedding: “So what… Continue Reading

5 keys to making a wedding budget

Alright let’s talk about it. The worst part about planning any event. The worst part about life in general, actually: money. Years of pinning carelessly to your “One Day” board does not prepare you for the staggering numbers you’ll see… Continue Reading

5 tips for selecting a wedding venue

We all know my heart is fashion, but even I can admit the wedding dress is not the most important part of a wedding. The most important purchase you can make is definitely the wedding venue. It  sets the feel for the whole day… Continue Reading

5 ways to organize your wedding planning

Why is being organized so fun to me?! It’s this addiction that I have and continually get more attached to. In fact, sometimes this longing to list-make and create beautiful filing systems has made me completely unproductive. It’s like all I… Continue Reading